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NYSFEA | “Teachers and Cops” by Lois Weiner
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28 Dec “Teachers and Cops” by Lois Weiner

Lois Weiner, a professor of education at New Jersey City University, recently published an article in Jacobin Magazine entitled “Teachers and Cops: Teachers Unions must join the struggle against police violence and for racial equality.”  Weiner introduces that oftentimes in popular discourse, the roots of issues such as poverty and crime are scapegoated to education, and therefore, on to teachers.  The familiar record of the demonization of teachers is, of course, one we’ve heard many times before.  However with emerging national conversation on police brutality and Black and Brown bodies gunned down by the hands of law enforcement, Rudy Giuliani has found yet another reason to place blame unto teachers, and specifically, teachers’ unions.  In Weiner’s article, she asks for teachers’ unions to stand in solidarity with communities of color–for a reconceptualization of teachers unions as social movements.  As many of the teacher activist groups, caucuses, and unions that we support (see our links and resources page) have taken up in their struggle for a just public education, Weiner highlights that ideologies of oppression facing all of us are connected.  She urges communities to come together in solidarity, as our activism is connected and inter-dependent.